In my free time, I like to spend my time on pro­jects. They cov­er a few dif­fer­ent areas which range from col­lect­ing and visu­al­ising data to shar­ing my pho­to­graphy. Some­times I use these pro­jects to learn new skills, like design and the latest web tech­no­lo­gies, but most of the time they are for fun. These are the ones that I want to share with you as a way of ex­press­ing my­self: while they might not be clean and pol­ished, I am very proud of them.


These are my fa­vour­ite pro­jects: the ones that I am most proud of.

The rest

While the oth­er pro­jects are my high­lights, these are the ones that don't stand out. Some are just func­tion­al, oth­ers are not my best and the rest are just older ones that I am less in­ter­ested in now.